About Us

Charles Roc Services takes all the stress out of facilities management for the Hospitality Industry.

We work in partnership with you and, together, we insist on the highest level of training in all disciplines of hotel cleaning.  From hotel lobbies to guest rooms and in all areas of housekeeping our services are totally quality assured. 

Our services extend beyond housekeeping. With the help of your dedicated Specialist Manager, we're happy to extend our services to handle your pest control and general maintenance, if that's what you need.  This creates a far greater synergy between departments and ensures minimal disruptions whilst heightening your guests’ experiences.

We’re not interested in strategies that involve numbers or rushing through guest rooms. It’s all about maintaining the highest quality standards. We train our exceptional team to work efficiently and with paramount care.  We’re proud of our low staff turnover and this is reflected in their enthusiasm, efficiency and competency.